» Technical conditions for the 360° panorama photos

Java: Does not need a plug-in, but Java has to be active in the browser options and the Java virtual machine has to be installed on your computer. Important: Windows XP is supplied without the Java Virtual Machine. The website for the download of the Java virtual machine is by Microsystems.

QuickTime®: Needs the free QuickTime plug-in by Apple. The website for the download of the QuickTime plug-in is by Apple.

PangeaVR: Needs the free web browser plug-in for Mac OS X that allows you to view Quicktime VR panoramas with unprecendented quality and speed. Download the PangeaVR plug-in

» Pup-up's

Pop-up windows should not be suppressed in your browser system.

» Navigation in the panoramas

Wait until the panorama is loaded. Click on the picture with the mouse; press the left mouse key continuously. Slide the mouse, this way you can move in the virtual space.
QuickTimeand PangeaVR: Zoom in and out with «shift» or «ctrl».

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