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VIPs answer the phone to receive your donation Panorama Photos: Werner Weber
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Duet with Noémi Nadelmann MusicStars and more in the waiting room
Gartengestaltung Gartengestaltung
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VIPs on the donation phones
There was a large list of VIP’s who sat at the phones to answer the calls of the people who wanted to donate: John Brack, Carlo Brunner, Maja Brunner, Toni Brunner, Werner DeSchepper, Ingrid Deltenre, DJ Bobo, Fiona Hefti, Hans-Jürg Fehr, Viktor Giacobbo, Felix Gutzwiller, Francine Jordi, Bo Katzman, Steve Lee, Doris Leuthard, Walter Andreas Müller, Peter Reber, René Rindlisbacher, Walter Roderer, Walter Rüegg, Birgit Steinegger, Mona Vetsch, Maria Walliser, Armin Walpen und Peach Weber.
Five million francs were collected during the programme. Thanks to Amag, Migros Genossenschafts-Bund, Swisscom and the Post, each franc donated is valuable. The restructuring programme will cost a lot of money in the years to come. Therefore “The Panorama Journal” has a direct link to the “Swiss Solidarity” and thanks you for your donations in the coming weeks.

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Contacts – Swiss Solidarity

Swiss Solidarity:
Postal account number 10-15000-6
Banc account: Banque Migros
CH-1211 Geneva 3
account no 42 5 379 545/08
Free phone number for donations from anywhere in Switzerland 0800 87 07 07

French speaking Switzerland, Headoffice Swiss Solidarity:
Chaîne du Bonheur
Boîte postale 132
1211 Genève 8
Tel +41 (0)22 322 15 20
Fax +41 (0)22 322 15 39
Manager: Félix Bollmann
Head of projects: Héribert J. Kaeser

German speaking and Romansh (eastern) regions of Switzerland:
3000 Bern 14
Tel +41 (0)31 398 41 11
Fax +41 (0)31 398 41 12
Head of communication: Roland Jeanneret

Italian speaking Switzerland
Catena della Solidarietà
casella postale
6903 Lugano
Tel. + 41 (0)91 803 92 50
Fax + 41 (0)91 803 93 14
Representative: Paolo Rimoldi

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