Chinese New Year Concert: China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang in the KKL Lucerne

The China Traditional Orchstra Zheijiang will be in Switzerland for the Chinese New Year 2006 on January 22, 2006 for the first time. The concert in the KKL in Lucerne is the start of a tour through Europe and Egypt. It will be broadcast live by the Chinese Music Channel as well as by the Information Channel of the Province of Zhejiang. Swiss Television will show the «Chinese New Year concert» from 1.05 pm Swiss time on SF 1.

The «Great Chinese New Year concert» is presented, like every year, by one of the top traditional orchestras of China. A great variety of sounds, musical instruments, which are unknown in the western world and the magnificent, traditional costumes of the musicians create a very special atmosphere for this event. The compositions and the traditional folk music come from the great Chinese musical tradition. Some famous, contemporary composers like Tan Dun and Zhao Jiping, who have also written a lot of film music, add to the repertory with additional music for traditional orchestras. Small ensembles, where the sound of some solo instruments is in the foreground as well as big orchestras will contribute to the concert.

The Chinese celebrate their New Year’s festival at the end of January or the beginning of February, according to the moon calendar, some weeks after our western New Year’s Eve. Business life in the whole country then comes to a complete standstill for about two weeks and millions of people travel to their families. The «Great Chinese New Year Concert» has become an outstanding social event in China and Europe.

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China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang

China Traditional Orchestra Zheijiang

Event Chinese New Year Concert 2006
Location KKL Luzern
Date 22nd January 2006
Tour-Dates Lucerne - KKL | Sunday, 22.01.2006
Bremen - Stuhr Gut Varrel | Thursday, 26.01.2006
Essen Philharmonie | Saturday, 28.01.2006
Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw | Sunday, 29.01.2006
Philharmonic Orchestra of Cologne | Monday, 30.01.2006
Hannover - HCC Kuppelsaal | Wednesday, 01.02.2006
Munich - Herkulessaal | Friday, 03.02.2006
Vienna - Musikverein | Sunday, 05.02.2006
Alexandria Opera House | Friday, 10.02.2006
Cairo Opera House | Saturday, 11.02.2006
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The Wu Promotion in Beijing organised a «Chinese New Year Concert» in the Vienna Music Association for the first time in 1998. The success exceeded all expectations. The Chinese President of the State Jiang Zemin as well as state presidents and other members of the government of the host countries sent greeting messages. About 700 million people watched the programme in the main evening programme of Chinese television (CCTV, China Central Television). Since then the «Great Chinese New Year Concert» has been an integral part of the international concert calendars.

The tour of 2006 will take the «China Traditional Orchestra Zhejiang» to the KKL in Lucerne and then to five German cities (Bremen, Essen, Cologne, Hannover and Munich) and then to Vienna, Amsterdam, Alexandria and Cairo.


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